Join us to talk FinTech with FinTech entrepreneurs and investors. Discover exciting prospects for investment and collaboration

Tuesday, February 26, 2019  
McCarter English, LLP
Worldwide Plaza
825 Eighth Ave. (49-50St)

5.30 – Cocktail and networking reception
6:00 – Event Introduction Joe Daniels, McCarter  & English
6:10 – Investor Introductions

Neelam Brar, Investor & Advisor, Empress
Antonio Neto, Partner and Investor, Matrix Advisory
Gail Lieberman, Partner and Investor, Rudder Capital
Alex Trotta, VP of Open Innovation, Citibank

6:15 – Guest Speakers

Ori Klein, CTO, Ollie
Ian Friend, COO, Ferrum Network
Amy Moses, CEO & Founder, Ballooning Nest Eggs
Patrick Flannery, CEO & Founder, MayStreet

7.30-8.00 – Networking

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Presenting Companies:


Ollie – A phonetic wordplay on “all inclusive,” Ollie humanizes housing through disruptive design philosophies,  providing residents with a curated living experience, including hotel-style services, unique community engagements and extraordinary shared amenity spaces – all at no additional cost.

As the leading coliving and microhousing specialist, Ollie is bringing innovation back to the housing market — evolving every aspect from (i) the physical product (unique ultra-efficient layouts, transforming furniture, activated amenities), to (ii) the process (facilitating roommate leases, embedding a live-in community manager to act as a social lubricant, implementing hotel-style services like wifi/cable, housekeeping, linen changes) and (iii) leveraging proprietary tech platforms to enhance Ollie’s coliving ecosystem (Bedvetter roommate matching, Ollie Provision Co.’s pre-curated design sets, Ollie Social events calendar and the Ollie Living App).


Ferrum Network is a fin tech company empowering individuals with an advanced line of decentralized financial products. Underlying our products is a next generation blockchain designed for high-speed financial transactions. For the first time, users can send money peer-to-peer without banking intermediaries, and exchange digital assets like bitcoin faster and cheaper than ever before with no counter-party risk. With an initial focus on the developing world, Ferrum Network aims to bridge the gap between the traditional financial world and a blockchain-based future.


Our patented financial gifting app solves a pervasive problem: Millennial parents prefer $ gifts for their kids, but rarely receive them beyond a few discrete life events because asking for money is awkward.

Fresh off of our worldwide debut at Finovate, our invention is the world’s first app for parents to corral family and friends to pitch in and grow their kids’ wealth. Corral is key b/c without a way to subtly ask for financial gifts, most simply avoid the topic, leaving a major resource for growing their kids’ wealth – family and friends – sitting on the sidelines.

Ballooning Nest Eggs spurs $ gifting by engaging Millennials in their favored “currency” – social sharing – while giving financial firms entirely new ways to engage this coveted demographic.


The price discovery process in today’s capital markets is data driven and complex.  Access to data matters.  Today, savvy firms are using technological sophistication to uncover unique insight into the markets. We can provide that sophistication.  The future of trading is increasingly electronic.  As markets grow more automated, split-second decisions are made by algorithmic engines, financial data needs to be designed as much for programmers as for traders.

We are using high-precision data to increase transparency and insight into global capital markets.  MayStreet is the next generation capital markets platform delivering low-latency connectivity, high-precision data and sophisticated analytics to banks, brokers, investment managers and exchanges.  Our cloud-based platform provides unique, high-quality datasets, analytics and monitoring tools to help you answer complex questions about contemporary markets.


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